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"ICT is the potential to reach the world with what we build. I don't think the opportunities can be matched in any other field."

Glenn O'Sullivan, Business Analyst, GrainCorp

"A job in the IT industry is a job that is constantly evolving and gives you the ability to change peoples lives on a daily basis"

Alex Giangrasso, Intern, CargoWise

"IT will shape the way we, work, play and interact with the world around us for the next one hundred years, as a student this presents as an incredible responsibility, but more importantly an immense opportunity to change the way we all live, lets make sure we get this right! "

Cameron Drury, Intern, IBM

"After high school I undertook a Diploma in Computer Engineering. I then proceeded to teach the course at the same college. Seeing my students understand the principles and listening to their ideas of influencing and changing the world was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I would say this was the point at which I realised that my career would definitely continue in ICT. Since then I have worked in India and China as well, and enjoyed traveling, meeting new people and cultures, building new skills on an almost daily basis, and the opportunity to learn a number of different business sectors."

Zaynab Leeya, Senior Business Analyst, ThoughtWorks.

"My career prospects are very wide. I could potentially work in any industry, be it banking, manufacturing, insurance, etc. I've been exposed to most of these industries since we consult with them. I'm currently on a 1-year assignment to Australia from Chicago. I wasn't one of those who loved my studies so much that I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be a developer for the rest of my life. It was a hard 4 years in college but now that I'm in the workforce and doing what a developer does, it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment when even a small thing like a test running and passing happens."

Dahlia Bock, Software Developer, ThoughtWorks.

"I am a recent graduate of the Business Information Systems Masters Program at the University of SA. Since completing the program in 2007, I have become an analyst with APA Group, the leading energy transmission business in Australia, with interests in over 12,000 kms of natural gas pipeline and distribution infrastructure. At only 24, I've gained two degrees and a Masters. Having been active in the workforce now for over 6 months, you come to realise how important a good foundation is. I've found myself ahead of the pack in a number of areas. Networks of industry partners, valuable hands-on experience and expanded ways of thinking are all part of giving me the edge I need to take myself further."

Scott McKenzie, 2007 Graduate, University of South Australia School of Information & Computer Science.

"I have found the ICT industry to be such a dynamic and fulfilling environment. ICT has come to play such a vital role in day-to-day life, and knowing that our business and its staff rely on our work for their daily operations is extremely rewarding. Whilst it is a challenging and fast-changing industry, I like the fact that this means I am constantly learning new skills. There are so many opportunities in the ICT industry and it is definitely a career path I see myself continuing with."

Tina Ye, Web Administrator, InTACT.

"Information and communication technology (ICT) skills have never been more important than in today’s global innovation economy. Demand for technology skills continues to grow across Victoria and Australia, and with few other skills as flexible and transferable, the opportunities are limitless. ICT skills are a passport to many interesting and exciting professional careers, in a diverse range of industries. From fashion and finance to pharmaceuticals and games, there is a technology career that will suit you. I recommend students, parents and those looking for a change to consider a career in ICT as a rewarding choice. Take part in National ICT Careers Week and find out how to start your career in ICT."

Mr Randall Straw, Deputy Secretary, Innovation & Technology, Victorian Government.

"It was really useful having that practical experience as part of my degree and certainly made me an attractive candidate when it came to securing my current role. I’ve been telling other people about the scholarships and encouraging them to apply as well"

Ben van der Vusse - Agilent

"I had some previous education in IT, but when I first came here it was not a good time for IT so I worked in hospitality for a few years," "The ACS Foundation scholarship allowed me to receive some money while studying and to increase my skills and knowledge about how people work in IT companies."

Ajay Chadha, an RMIT student –Agilent

"I’ve been working on projects to help clients to improve their data management using solutions from a range of leading database companies," "It’s been really great to get that customer facing experience and start to realise how critical our work is to a business. While University teaches you theoretical concepts and technology trends, it’s only when you’re operating in the real world that you understand how the technology solutions we deliver relate to business critical processes and outcomes – you really get a sense of how this technology impacts on a business."

John Painter, Frontline

"I’ve really enjoyed quite a few areas of technology so far and would be happy working with databases, networks, artificial intelligence, cryptography and protocols, so there are plenty of opportunities. Right now, I’m just looking forward to enjoying the trip and learning as much as I can,"

Jeffery Palm, 22, Microsoft

"Instead of just saying an order was picked and packed, we can now see who was involved, the status of the order and more. This has improved accountability and communication within the organisation, saved a lot of time and provided greater insight into the cost of different tasks," "Being able to see an opportunity where I could improve the current processes made me want to create a solution and I had the support of the company in doing that."

Chris Papallo, Corporate Express

"I receive a lot of help and support from my team leader and other team members and am successfully meeting my targets and deadlines. I was proud to be part of a successful insurance project for my first few months, which gave me a lot of confidence and enthusiasm for future projects"

Raghavender (Raghu) Balsuguri

I decided to study a Bachelor of Information Technology as I was currently working in the IT field and believed it would broaden my skill set and depth of knowledge which would allow me to achieve my best throughout my career. The lecture content is presented amazingly well and I find it both interesting and challenging. My life involves juggling full time work with enough time to give my subjects sufficient attention; however my lecturers are very empathetic with the intensity of the workloads and any assistance I require is readily given.

Andrew Flamank, currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at CQUniversity Rockhampton campus

For me IT presents itself as an incredibly diverse career discipline, allowing me to access both heavily technical roles and non-technical roles. This allows me to really hone in on what I'm passionate about and make a career out of it. IT professionals are often very passionate about their work so it's great to be able to work with people who are as committed to excelling in their projects as you are. IT is also highly innovative and provides the opportunity for us to shape the future of technology and if we're lucky to see mass adoption of products we build.

Cameron Drury, Intern, ACS Foundation