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If you are thinking about your future study and career, then use ICT to start and go anywhere

It is definitely an exciting time to get involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). If you are using Facebook, Twitter, an iPhone or the Internet, then you are using ICT. No matter where you are or what you are doing, ICT underpins everything you do in today’s digital world.

ICT careers are dynamic and fast moving, offering incredible opportunities for students to make a start in building their careers.

ICT study after school can be interesting and engaging. You learn more than just technology – ICT courses cover skills such as communicating with clients, exercising diplomacy, operating as part of a team, and developing effective management skills.

Here are some more reasons why you should study ICT to start your career:

1.     ICT is about working with people, solving problems, finding solutions and making a difference to peoples' lives

ICT is not just about technology - it's about coming up with solutions to solve problems or to help people, businesses, communities and governments.

Imagine where ICT can make a difference is to reduce global warming. You can help develop ICT solutions to reduce industrial emissions of greenhouse gases, design and develop alternative energy sources, introduce more efficient systems and technologies to manage energy use, establish and run countries' greenhouse gas emission trading schemes, and drive many vital climate change initiatives into the future.

Developing ICT solutions means working with people to find a solution. This work can be challenging, but it is also creative, innovative, fast paced, stimulating, and offers a lot of fun and excitement along the way.

2.     ICT is a truly global career - your work in ICT can take you around the world

Working in ICT means you will have a rewarding and truly global career. ICT jobs can be found all over the world, both with international companies and with Australian companies trading globally. People with Australian ICT qualifications are well regarded by overseas employers and can easily find employment.

Working overseas is a great way to travel, meet people, sample new cultures, experience different lifestyles and get paid for it. It can also boost your career when you return to Australia. Many Australian ICT employers like to hire people with overseas work experience because they demonstrate initiative, drive and versatility and often bring important new skills and ideas to their roles.

3.     ICT offers cool jobs, earning awesome money with a great lifestyle

ICT is one of the most rapidly growing career pathways available. ICT jobs give you:

  • an opportunity to combine your interests with your job
  • a career that puts you in demand across a dynamic industry where retraining is easy
  • good prospects for promotion
  • job flexibility: work at home, in the office, part-time, casual, full time
  • and, of course, excellent salaries!

4.     ICT creates opportunities for entertainment

ICT is not just computers, keyboards and printers. ICT is mobile phones, tablets and email, the Internet, YouTube, Facebook, iPods, Twitter, interactive games, online shopping, social networking. And just think all of the new things that ICT will introduce into our lives in the future - the potential is unlimited!

Entertainment technologies have spawned the creation of many new occupations for creative students with computer skills. You can join the world of entertainment with ICT qualifications - you never know what you might invent or whom you will connect with.